Weekly reflection: A student teacher with a plan?

What better way to waste time than making cake? Except perhaps eating it...

If I was to sum up my week in one word, it would be procrastination. I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself as it is the first week of the school holidays.

But I know that I have three weeks worth of teaching to plan for when I get back from holidays and also have my visiting lecturer coming to see me in action in week 2. Over the course of the week I had lots of ideas however any time I tried to put pen to paper and actually come up with any concrete plans, I suddenly had an attack of the jitters. Everything I seemed to thought was such a good idea, seemed rather naff when it actually came time to put it into a programme.

Right now those three weeks seem like an eternity and the number of students so huge that I have no idea how I’ll get through. Possum, meet headlights.

So I spent the weekend baking… Kumura cake and apple strudel. Because really nothing says Easter like Kumura cake and apple strudel. But after baking up a storm,  I felt a bit more confident of my abilities and am slowly putting together a programme for the next three weeks of teaching.

So perhaps this week wasn’t a complete waste. Alongside knocking another 1,000 words off my maths assignment I’ve also learned:

1.Teachers need balance. If you spend all your time living and breathing teaching then you are bound to burn out.

2. You know more than you think.

Right happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Weekly reflection: A student teacher with a plan?

Add yours

  1. I understand – my plan was to take the entirety of last week off and not even step foot into school. And I succeeded. (Which is to say I spent about five hours there across two separate days, bit for me that’s a week off…)

    As for doubting yourself – just go for it. Sure, some of what you do will probably end up sucking, but the only way to find that out is to do it. And most of it will probably go way better than you think.


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