Teaching Experience Two goal setting

Over the holidays I had a goal setting conversation with my teaching mentor about goal setting for the next Teaching Experience.

During my first TE my areas of strength identified during my appraisals were:

  • Taking on feedback
  • Using evidence to inform teaching
  • Classroom management
  • Use of ICT in teaching

Areas for development:

  • Being clearer with communication with learners around learning intentions, also giving effective formative feedback.
  • Making the most of ‘teachable moments.’
  • Time management.
  • Asking for direction and guidance from associate.
  • Literacy – yet to teach any English classes.

I know that making the most of teachable moments is impacted on with time management. During my last Teaching Experience the thought zooming through my brain was ‘ZOMG how am I going to keep the students interested and engaged all day’ rather than realizing that actually time zips by and there’ s a risk that while watching the clock you miss out on those moments when they occur.

English worries me as I haven’t yet  put theory into practice. I think I will have a steep learning curve when I go back into the classroom in this area. However the flip side of not teaching any English classes is that I’ve had 3 weeks of teaching almost exclusively teaching maths so that would probably be another area of strength.

I suppose it is a good sign that I take on feedback so if I ask for it a bit more often then I should be well on track for having a great  Teaching Experience.

My goals for Teaching Experience 2 are:

  • Being proactive with my associate by making sure that I regularly check in to seek specific feedback.
  • Check in halfway through my teaching experience on the relationship with associate so that I can make the most of my learning opportunities
  • Getting associate’s help with putting literacy theory into practice
  • Sit down and get feedback from associate about learning intentions and get feedback afterwards on lesson
Going from teaching only maths in 45 minute blocks with an enrichment year 8 home class to having a year 1/2 all is going to be very different but will undoubtedly be a learning experience.
My visiting lecturer assessment is likely to happen the end of August which will be  here in a blink of eye.
Things have gotten real again and I can’t decide if I am more nervous or excited.
I think I’ll go with excited…

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