Singapore bound – so long NZ and thanks for all the fish


Next year sees a change for me.

I’m off to teach at an international school in Singapore.

My current school has been really, really, really good to me. I’ve been afforded some incredible professional development opportunities and had a lot of autonomy to do some cool things with my class.

Nevertheless I found myself feeling restless.

Put simply I can hear planes.

Derp Stephanie, you say, your home and school are below a flight path of course you can hear planes.

As a wanderer I know it’s time to leave a place when I can hear planes. It’s a sign that life has become too familiar and too easy. The planes have been loud this year and despite a few trips, my wanderlust has returned with a vengeance and I found myself desperate to move overseas again.

I’m looking forward to joining a PYP school and teaching a different year group.

Of course change comes with a cost.

I will miss my awesome students and their families.

My fantabulous co-workers and also the amazing teachers I’ve had the pleasure of learning with from up and down the country these last 3 years. Despite the bad press this week I can name hundreds of amazing teachers out there doing amazing things in their classrooms every day. What’s even more fantastic is how generous you all are with your knowledge.

One of the delights of being online is that distance is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Though if I do make it to any New Zealand-based educamps in the next few years I am totally calling dibs on the chocolate fish!

Chocolate fish for the dunking!

8 thoughts on “Singapore bound – so long NZ and thanks for all the fish

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  1. I wondered how long it would be before your wandering spirit kicked in again. One of the greatest things of being connected is that you are never too far away.

    Enjoy the next chapter in a rich ePub.


  2. Stephanie
    I’ve read and really appreciated your reflections over the years. It’s certainly exciting to be heading overseas as an expat teacher and Singapore is a lovely city. I imagine you’ll get a chance to visit HK, I teach in an international school here, so let me know if you ever visit.


  3. Steph, email and tell me what school you’re going to and what you’re going to teach. Stay in touch! I’ll be in Singapore in March for the IB conference. Will you be there by then?


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